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The Environmental Capacity and Technical Services (ECCAS) is an organization established in 2010. It was established to build climate change and environmental capacities thus bridge the climate change/environment policy-research-practice nexus.

ECAS focuses on building climate change/environment expertise for effective implementation of climate change/environmental policies, legislations, plans and strategies. Its training, research, mentorship and consultancy programmes are designed to strengthen the ability of individuals, organizations and institutions to deal with the impacts of climate change. It is a think tank and platform that enhances knowledge regarding climate change, green economy, blue economy, sustainable development and natural resource-based policy and legislative frameworks as well as the tools and methods to protect and manage our environment in a sustainable manner.

ECAS has designed a capacity building framework thus supporting action by development partners (and UN Agencies), national government and counties and private sector in line with their own mandates and objectives. We seek to do all these in the spirit of "Talanoa Concept’’- a traditional word used in Fiji and across the Pacific to reflect a process of inclusive, participatory and transparent dialogue.


Consultancy And Advisories

ECAS engages in consultancy and advisory services expertise within each of the program areas using an integrated approach... Read More


Our training program provides participants with a sound understanding of the processes and key impacts of climate change..Read More.

Research And Knowledge Management

ECAS undertakes research assignments based on an ideology that information leads to knowledge. Read More

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