Convening Dialogues

While ECAS delivers specific expertise within each of the program areas, it has advanced the concept of Inclusive Green Economy/Growth across sectors. Through its global networks and knowledge products, assessments, and wide-ranging partnerships, ECAS has become recognized for its contribution to green growth dialogue and as both a knowledge broker and a source of environmental knowledge. The dialogues have already established their usefulness in influencing public discussion and policies as well as legislation. The dialogues offer an opportunity to nurture a growing think tank community, strengthen partnerships, identify new ideas and inform our annual plans.
Under this programme, a number of key priorities emerge:
1. Governance and Rule of Law – Intensification of commitment to development and improvement of effective environmental governance and rule of law.
2. Climate – An invigorated emphasis on the governance dimensions of climate change, with particular focus on the environmental/ energy law interface; the integration of climate into environmental decision-making; and climate literacy training.
3. Blue Economy – An emphasis on blue economy and on building effective, transferable water protection and governance approaches, addressing such areas as water resources
4.Technology – An emphasis on technology as an enabler and driver of environmental compliance and performance;
5.Private Environmental Governance – An emphasis on private-sector partnership, focusing on facilitating effective private environmental governance practices.
6. Sustainability – An increased emphasis on law and governance as a means of advancing sustainability objectives and promoting equity.