Policy Research and Analysis

The research programme seeks to bridge the gap between research- policy- practices. We focus on specific themes and methodological issues such as assessments, and sustainability across such sectors as waste, energy, water, food security, manufacturing and infrastructure. The programme has opened up opportunities for direct communication and working relations with research institutions, businesses, universities and media as they touch on areas of interest to them. The programme has been quite successful in this regard and we shall seek to deepen our work with these actors through a structured relationship and assist in building up the required analytical capacity to ensure that research continues to inform development and investment decisions.
Our specific research focus include:
1. Conduct and synthesize research in order to inform and ensure that decision-makers and practitioners have the evidence they need.
2. Bring evidence directly to decision-makers and practitioners in clear, usable formats.
3. Connect researchers and end-users by working hand-in-hand with decision-makers.
4. Build research and policy implementation capacities to boost understanding of the value of policy research in programme design and implementation.
5. Strengthen capacity and skills of researchers and knowledge intermediaries through training workshops, seminars and internships.