Technical Advisories and Support

ECAS Technical Advisory and Support programme offers specialized technical expertise and operational support to requesting partners, collaborators and clients through the provision of advisory services on highly prioritized issues, and identification, development and launch of innovative and illustrative development programmes.
The Technical Advisory and Support programme does the following:
1.Serves businesses, academia, media, Civil Society Organizations, and partners in the development and implementation of Climate smart and ‘green’ policies, and programmes.
2.Offers technical support and project backstopping for medium- investments and development projects on topics related to scientific, environmental, health, social, economic issues, and indigenous knowledge.
3.Provides substantive support to implementation of global campaigns and other programmes with focus on energy, water, biodiversity, food security, and health.
4.Supports efforts to build partnership, dialogues and exchange of knowledge through issue-focused consultations.
5.Provides technical advice and serve as local chapter to International and global think-tanks, research and capacity building institutions to improve the linkage between the normative and operational activities at the regional and national levels.