Trainings and Skills Development

This is an interdisciplinary programme aimed at building capacities and advancing practical knowledge on climate change, green economy and sustainable development. It builds personal and instructional capacities through trainings, mentorship and couching. The Green Skills Development aims at creating awareness on sustainable self-employment opportunities that exist in forestry, water, transport, waste, agriculture, wildlife, fisheries, land and other related sectors. The trainings are targeting fresh graduates who would want to take up environment related jobs/opportunities to create their own employment from the skills acquired from the trainings. We have experienced an increase in the quantity and quality of trainings and the interest shown by East African emerging and established professionals in participating.
The programme is designed to:
• Build capacity to factor in environmental concerns into development plans.
• Mobilize a constituency for mainstreaming sustainability into business plans
• Facilitate exchange of expertise among policymakers and practitioners.
• Enhance better stakeholders’ understanding of Sustainable Development Goals
• Offer skills and knowledge of recent legal and institutional developments in the field of environment/climate change.
• Provide a forum for participants to exchange views, share their experiences and learn from best-practices.