Our Goal

A healthy environment, prosperous economies, and vibrant communities founded on research and capacity building.

Our Mission

We take pride in being a Pan-African think-tank that is working to expedited capacity building and research to inform decision making for sustainable development.


Inspired Individuals


Organized Worshops


Organizations Visited

Our Values

ECAS staff adhere to a set of important shared core values that guide our work and relationships with colleagues, clients and partners. These include:
  • 1.Focused, committed and rigorous with our work.
  • 2.Fair, friendly, energetic and support each other
  • In relation to our operating environment
  • • We are client-oriented and impact-led.
  • • We are results-oriented and expect to exceed our clients’ expectations.
  • • We value integrity and complete accountability in use of financial and other resources that enable us do our work.
  • • We believe strongly in partnering with others at national, regional, and international levels and with a range of actors in government, academia, implementation agencies and development partners, so that together we can leverage our synergies for greater impacts.
  • • We unequivocally expect our work will make a significant contribution to Sustainable development.

Our Niche

ECAS is a non-partisan Think-Tank, effecting change through its work as a premier environmental educator, convener, publisher, and research engine.