Our mentorship and skills development programme seeks to expose university students and young graduates to practical and innovative employability skills and opportunities that come with climate change and sustainable develop-ment.

The programme provides young people with the opportunity to develop the core competencies and skills required for transition from campus to the real world of work and self-employment. We aim to: with particular focus on the following competencies:

Match classroom and practical training through apprenticeships, intern-ships, job placements, projects on the job etc.
 Promote special measures that can speed self/employment-centered green transformations  Complement trainings currently available so that they meet the skills needs required by employers.
 Help jobseekers meet the requirements of the numerous jobs which are currently on offer but cannot be taken up due to lack of skills.
 Compliment entrepreneurship trainings and business coaching for young people to start up green businesses in conjunction with government sup-port.
 Build capacity of young people to strengthen their social dialogue mecha-nisms and to apply these to dialogue about accessibility and retainability of green jobs.
 Contribute to formal education and training systems and institutions in provision of basic skills for all and to raise the skills base of the national workforce; this includes improving apprenticeship systems and building synergies with NGOs and private sector employers

Participants in this programme have the opportunity to intern/be employed at ECAS or recommend them to our partner and employers. Certificates are is-sued to on successful completion of the programme. We have so far trained 70 fresh graduates and senior university students.

Four years since its formation, ECAS has become recognized for its contribu-tion to environmental policy dialogue and as both a knowledge broker and also a source of knowledge. ECAS dialogues have already established their usefulness in influencing public discussion and policies as well as legislation. The overarching objective of the 3 dialogue sessions in the 2017-2018 period was to strengthen the planning and implementation capacities of players and actors for advancing green growth in Kenya.

The events are attended by target audience and participants including decision makers from National and County government and organizations repre-sentatives; private sector, including small and large scale enterprises; aca-demia/ Science, research and technology specialists; CSOs and NGOs. There are still more upcoming dialogues.

We support technology development, transfer and usage to avoid the adverse impacts of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We back and engage in such efforts as needs assessments, access to funding for entrepreneurs and SMEs, performance and benefit measurements and inventory processes.

We support decisions and investments to address climate change based on reliable information and consistent data.We build capacities to enable individuals, organizations and businesses to understand climate change and contribute to development and implementation of strategies and efforts to address challenges and benefit from opportunities associated with climate change.We back efforts that promote public access to information through trainings, knowledge portals, briefing notes, online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc.