ECAS currently has a number of partners who participate in its programmes and activities with several individual actors ranging from students, experts to representatives of academic and research institutions, counties, local communities and the private sector, contributing to and benefiting from ECAS work.

There is a wide range of opportunities to engage with ECAS, some of which include:

  • Supporting our capacity and knowledge-building work by contributing expertise, data or other resources.
  • Serving as a county, regional or international representative and outreach partner.
  • Coordinating a sectoral or industry-specific network of stakeholders engaging with ECAS.
  • Registering and participating in the ECAS Associate Expert Programme.

The first step is to register your email. It is free and will ensure you receive regular information about the work of ECAS as well as opportunities to get involved. To register send your interest to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.