ECAS seeks to bridge the gap between research-policy-practice nexus. We focus on specific themes and methodological issues (scenarios and modeling, Impact, Strategies and Sustainability etc).

We undertake research assignments based on an ideology that information leads to knowledge and knowledge is power. Our researchers are well versed in research design and implementation as ell as knowledge management which enables them to go beyond just collecting data. We undertake informed analysis and give practical recommendations based on the research findings.

Given its strategic nature and the benefits the environmental sector stands to accrue, ECAS recognizes that successful research projects are results of having competent teams with necessary competencies and tools to service the needs of the project in an effective, efficient and timely manner without compromising on both quality and content.

Our researchers are drawn from various disciplines of specialization including: water, forestry, waste, land, wildlife, policy, climate change, marketing, IT, financial management and human resources. As a result of their exposure to, and relationships with numerous organizations, our consultants are aware of industry "best practices". In the consultancy and research process, we engage clients and guide their teams on a comprehensive approach to improving the Value Realization of their products and services.

We come up with innovative solutions that help us in developing win-win policies through rigorous research and data-based analysis. Our team conducts surveys, does analysis and produces data in order to frame watertight reports that help in awareness generation for the media and the masses and also enable the government, policy-makers and think tanks to devise sustainable solutions.

The ECAS research and assessments service portfolio spans across multiple service disciplines including but not limited to:

Climate change and livelihoods
Climate impacts assessments
Climate change and health

Climate change and forestry
Climate change and Water
Climate change and tousim
Climate change and investments
Climate change and urbanization and infrastructure development
Environmental assessments and audits

Baseline studies/surveys
Project monitoring and evaluation
Feasibility studies
Benefit-Cost Analysis
Results based monitoring and evaluation

 We undertake our research and assignments either as a single institution and/or in collaboration with other research institutions/organizations such as the Institute for Climate Change and Adaptation (ICCA) at the University of Nairobi among others.


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    ECAS seeks to contribute to environmental protection, conservation and management by carrying out environmental, agriculture, water, trade, land, forestry and energy policy research, policy drafting and policy recommendations for global, national and county level governance; promoting the exchange of information between state institutions, county governments, business leaders, opinion leaders, NGOs, media, civil society and individuals; and enhancing environmental awareness through seminars, trainings and other activities.

  • We support individuals, organizations and business to access information and knowledge products concerning climate finance flows with focus on Green climate Fund, Adaptation Fund, Climate Expenditure and Budget Review.

  • We support decisions and investments to address climate change based on reliable information and consistent data.

    We build capacities to enable individuals, organizations and businesses to understand climate change and contribute to development and implementation of strategies and efforts to address challenges and benefit from opportunities associated with climate change.

    We back efforts that promote public access to information through trainings, knowledge portals, briefing notes, online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc.

  • We support individuals, organizations and companies in planning for, responding to and recovering from climate change induced disasters and conflicts. We help identify and develop integrated management plans and address climate change related risks that might have serious social and economic impacts to individuals, organizations and companies.