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We Focus on:

  • Climate Change training, education and consulting
  • Green Office policy development
  • Climate Smart Operations: ICT, administration, finance and accounting, communication and Human Resources
  • Development of Adaptation and Mitigation Plans
  • Policy Analysis, Policy Briefs, Position Papers and Policy Notes
  • Bill Tracking and Memoranda Development
  • Environmental Management Plans (EMP)
  • Environmental Projects Planning & Management
  • Green Schools/Institutional Development
  • Strategic Planning & Management for sustainable development
  • Rapporteur Services
  • Planning and Coordination of Green Meetings and Green Events supplies and management
  • Green Catering and Green Party Supplies
  • Green materials and sustainable building options
  • Green Cleaning Products
  • Green Office Policy design and implementation
  • Green Technologies and Innovations: Energy/ Solar power products, computers, printers, generators, ovens, refrigerators, microwaves,
  • Environmental Compliance Auditing
  • Sustainability Assessment and Reporting
  • Institutional Energy, Water and Waste monitoring and reporting
  • Institutional Environmental monitoring and evaluation

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    ECAS seeks to contribute to environmental protection, conservation and management by carrying out environmental, agriculture, water, trade, land, forestry and energy policy research, policy drafting and policy recommendations for global, national and county level governance; promoting the exchange of information between state institutions, county governments, business leaders, opinion leaders, NGOs, media, civil society and individuals; and enhancing environmental awareness through seminars, trainings and other activities.

  • We support individuals, organizations and business to access information and knowledge products concerning climate finance flows with focus on Green climate Fund, Adaptation Fund, Climate Expenditure and Budget Review.

  • We support decisions and investments to address climate change based on reliable information and consistent data.

    We build capacities to enable individuals, organizations and businesses to understand climate change and contribute to development and implementation of strategies and efforts to address challenges and benefit from opportunities associated with climate change.

    We back efforts that promote public access to information through trainings, knowledge portals, briefing notes, online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc.

  • We support individuals, organizations and companies in planning for, responding to and recovering from climate change induced disasters and conflicts. We help identify and develop integrated management plans and address climate change related risks that might have serious social and economic impacts to individuals, organizations and companies.